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We are a group of open minded believers in the kind of stuff science has trouble disproving. Aliens, the Abominable Snowman, Wormholes, Egyptians and The Warriors of Plasm are constant topics of discussion, debate and stupid jokes… until now.

The Cube changed everything. Whether it’s a phenomenon, a preview or maybe a very elaborate hoax, it made everything serious for us. If you too have encountered the Cube, please send your story, pictures or videos to

The truth is out of this world

No the aliens have not got me. The Internet has. My inbox is bursting-there are too many reports, pictures, videos, most of them of questionable origins and content. My bandwidth is being throttled somewhere. I’m linking a couple of sources that stand out as the most conclusive evidence of the Cubes’ presence here.

First the news footage that came out on Monday. It’s an interview on Buletin Utama (TV3), in Bahasa Malaysia. You’ll have to turn up the volume as it’s recorded on a mobile phone.

From a source at the scene itself – first contact by Arman who managed to capture it from up close. It appears to be strobing.

Finally, I’ve been in contact with certain quarters I’m not allowed to name. I’m being... discouraged from creating “panic”. I’ll never give in. We’ll celebrate the truth.

When it’s on TV, it’s official

Ladies and believers, I can’t describe how I feel. It’s here. On the planet. In Malaysia, of all places.
A minute long segment on Buletin Utama was just dedicated to the first official landing of the Cube. Somewhere in Sungai Besi. They found a meteorologist “expert” who claims there’s definitely some kind of repetitive, booming noise coming out of the Cube.
I couldn’t record that segment, but will post it up as soon as I get my hands on it.

The Cube: A Rundown

Thanks for your emails, SMSes and phone calls. There are too many to publish right now, but there’s been quite a bit of contact, enough from sources that are completely unconnected to make the reports more than possibly accurate. I’ll summarise:

• The Cube has been reported to be anywhere between 3m and 15m across.
• The Cube has expandable and retractable sides, allowing it to physically pulsate or fold.
• The Cube emits a low, throbbing noise, almost rhythmic. It usually sounds like it’s “in your head”. Sometimes it sounds like millions of sounds, simultaneously.
• There have been three reported night sightings, and all have claimed that the Cube emits coloured flashes of light. The sources can’t however agree between red/pink and blue/purple hues. Does bright daylight simply wash out the actual colours?

Site traffic’s passed 60,000 hits, thanks to some radio report about the site this morning. I missed the show, but Fame is a small sacrifice for Truth.

KL Sighting

Two photographs showing what could be the Cube, hovering above KL at night. Note the movement. Interestingly, it seems to be absorbing light, instead of reflecting or emitting light as seen previously. Pictures courtesy of Albert Low.

New video links

My attention has been directed to further sightings.

The most incredible is some local documentary footage that shows the Cube (or something that sure looks like it) actually folding upon itself. It’s hard to make it out against the sun, but whatever it is, it’s certainly something to look at.

This one may or may not mean anything. Remember the first Penang Bridge video? Some kids were fooling around filming a karaoke video. Watch out for something flashing/streaking along the bridge in the distance. It could be some visual artefact. Or it could be the same Cube that was shot from the Bridge posted here.

We’re working on a proper analysis, preparing a chart of sightings and trying to make sense of it all. Keep visiting or subscribe to our feed so you’ll be first to know what’s going on. We’re also in contact with some scientific authority, but we can’t make any official announcement until they do.

2006 Holiday video

An “old video” just surfaced. I was reluctant to post this as it’s from an anonymous source and I can’t verify the date or authenticity of its content. The quality also looks distinctly analogue, which would be a bit of an anachronism in 2006.

If you missed it, like a few of us did the first viewing, it’s right at the beginning, behind the trees.

So far…

It appears, disappears, flies, transforms, interferes with electrical/electronic equipment. It has been spotted all over the world in the past few years, and is now captured here. Coincidence that we started tracking this Cube over 2 years ago? Is it intelligent? Is it a sign? Why choose now to be captured so dramatically?