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Online 2007
We are a group of open minded believers in the kind of stuff science has trouble disproving. Aliens, the Abominable Snowman, Wormholes, Egyptians and The Warriors of Plasm are constant topics of discussion, debate and stupid jokes… until now.

The Cube changed everything. Whether it’s a phenomenon, a preview or maybe a very elaborate hoax, it made everything serious for us. If you too have encountered the Cube, please send your story, pictures or videos to

The truth is out of this world

No the aliens have not got me. The Internet has. My inbox is bursting-there are too many reports, pictures, videos, most of them of questionable origins and content. My bandwidth is being throttled somewhere. I’m linking a couple of sources that stand out as the most conclusive evidence of the Cubes’ presence here.

First the news footage that came out on Monday. It’s an interview on Buletin Utama (TV3), in Bahasa Malaysia. You’ll have to turn up the volume as it’s recorded on a mobile phone.

From a source at the scene itself – first contact by Arman who managed to capture it from up close. It appears to be strobing.

Finally, I’ve been in contact with certain quarters I’m not allowed to name. I’m being... discouraged from creating “panic”. I’ll never give in. We’ll celebrate the truth.